Short Film UK

Total Running Time: 90 min

A selection of the finest homegrown filmmaking talent. Intense drama, light-hearted comedy and something a little more experimental, the UK film industry has a lot to look forward to...

Times / Places
Thur 28 Aug.
1620 - 1750
Museum in Docklands

Fri 29 Aug.
2015 - 2145
East Wintergarden

Sat 30 Aug.
1440 - 1610

Sun 31 Aug.
1825 - 1955

The Films

Dir. Mark Gillespie
Dur. 11min 03secs

The organs of a young boy are in transit to save the life of a young girl, however with years of waiting the family struggle to stay united as problems arise during transfer.

Bulk Haul
Dir. Lilly LaMia
Dur. 4min

Jackson, a musician, lives in a converted warehouse overlooking the east London train line. Kirk, a freight train, is a wise and ageless character of wisdom and fairytale. A rare and unique friendship develops between them.

Cold Calling
Dir. Daniel Quinones & Jesse Quinones
Dur. 7min 15secs

Michael Watson, self-proclaimed ‘King of Cold Calling’, is interviewing his doughy-eyed recruit William Jennings. With his arsenal of one-liners and enviable ponytail, he wonders: can he still reel them in?

Image: The Creatures

The Creatures
UK Premiere
Dir. Marco Williamson
Dur. 3min 12secs

Poetic, experimental and shot entirely on super 8, ‘The Creatures’ takes an innovative and intriguing look at issues of self-realisation, obsessive love and the dark heart.

Dir. Steve North
Dur. 10min 43secs

Cregan is running from his home. At his brother’s, he witnesses a horrific event which forces him to face up to the realities of coming of age in an extreme world.

World Premiere

Dir. Lewis Metcalfe
Dur. 9min 39secs

A dramatic study of the pressures, curiosities and anxieties young males have towards violence.

I Was Here
Dir. Richard Porter
Dur. 11min 30secs

A fed-up office worker decides to escape the regular morning commute and forge his own path for a day.

Image: Giraffes & Laughs

Giraffes and Laughs and Feelings and Things
World Premiere

Dir. Matt Strachan
Dur. 12min 41secs

What if your best friend is the person you love? Is there ever a good time to tell them? What if you leave it too late?

World Premiere

Dir. Daniel Cormack
Dur. 2min 36secs

Your mind can run wild when you think you’re being followed at night, but are things really as they seem?

Dir. Adam Laurence
Dur. 6min

An exploration of memory, history and obsessive documentation through the idea of a future library containing sounds and images from the past.

Image: Stolen Youth

UK Premiere

Stolen Youth
Dir. Leon Chambers
Dur. 13min 30secs

A young tearaway breaks into a house, where he stumbles on a terrifying secret. We all start as angels...

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